Join Us!

This is a freedom for all movement. Tread on those who tread on others. It doesn’t matter what religion, creed, race, or general political beliefs you hold, this movement is freedom to do whatever you want up until it impedes someone else’s freedoms. No harm no foul.

What makes this group different than other boog groups?
Different discussions.

We have a general chat group, or if you’d like to get a little farther involved with the movement we also have an active PR group, an intel group, and a merchandising group page. You can find the general group on Keybase. Follow this link  or search for the Big Luau Fire Pit. Ask for your state rep for more info.

Our structure and organization.

There is a board of directors for the United States. Each director oversees a territory of states and votes on major decisions before bringing them to the state representatives for final say. Each state has a representative who answers to the council, and runs day to day operations while helping the groups directly under them known as regions. For example Northern Illinois and Southern Illinois both fall under the state rep but have several local squads that they help train, advise, assist, and help stay on target with the main ideals for the movement. Underneath the regional leader you have local squads, QRF, or however you define your groups. We’re currently working on creating a nonprofit at the national level so we can issue charters to each state in case a group decides to go rogue and go against our core movement such as being racists or anti freedom.

Community outreach.

We’ve been organizing local outreach to those in need with trash cleanup, feeding the homeless, and disaster relief/clean up efforts.


This movement once again is freedom for all. With the exception of racists, rapists, or pedophiles, all are welcome. Find your local guys, get some training, get prepared, go make a difference and be the change you want to see in this country.

If you have any questions feel free to reach out to your state representative, check out our YouTube channel Hibiscus Society, or drop in the Keybase chat to feel us out. Many of us are banned from Facebook and Instagram, but many local groups still operate on these platforms.