Who are we?

In recent months there has been much confusion and misinformation in regards to our movement, and I have yet to see a very compelling answer to that question both from inside and outside of the places our movement congregates and I think it’s time we really spelled it out for everyone.

We are you. We are your mother, your father, your children, your cousin, your aunt and uncle, your neighbor, you colleague, your friend and your lover. We are everyone in this country, from all walks of life and from every race, religion and orientation.

What are we?

We are not a militia. We are not an organization. We are not white supremacists or any form of hate fueled ignorance. We are not thugs or criminals. We are not bloodthirsty barbarians intent on violence. We are not terrorists. We are not oppressors. We are not fascists or communists. We are not a cult.

We are an idea. Our idea isn’t something new, and it isn’t something radical, it’s as old as this country and as old as the dried blood spilled by our forefathers during their fight for liberty. We are the idea that all people are entitled the right to speak as they please without fear of repercussions. We are the idea that all people are entitled to the opportunity to build their lives, love who they please and to defend those they love. We are the idea that no person should live in fear of their government or feel the boot of tyranny on their necks. We are the idea that power belongs to the many and not the few. We are the idea that every person should be allowed to live in peace.

What do we want?

We want to restore the ideas gifted to us by our forefathers and protected by their children throughout the generations. We want everyone to have the ability of persue their happiness without interfence from the state, so long as that happiness isn’t a result of harming others. We want every single limitation that has been put on our freedom to be abolished, and our promised liberties restored. Simply put, we want to be left alone.

We do not want violence, though we are prepared for that outcome. We do not want oppression of any group for any reason. We do not want to scare or intimidate our fellow citizens. We do not want innocent people to live in fear of their government, be it local, state or federal. We do not want to be manipulated by a corrupt media. We do not want our elected officials to answer to corporate or foreign interests. We do not want secret police kidnapping civilians. We do not want protesters gassed and beaten by thugs with badges.


Why are we well armed

if we don’t want violence?

We are armed because those who wish to subjugate us are armed. We are armed because with our arms we are not targeted by thugs in badges. We are armed because we are willing and ready to fight and die to protect the rights of those who are not armed. We are armed because our weapons are the most important tools in the fight for freedom, as they level the playing field between tyrants and the oppressed. We truly wish that we will never need to point our weapons at any fellow Americans in anger. We weep that one day violence might be the only course to prevent subjugation, but we shoulder the burden for the greater good and for our children’s futures.

We are an idea, and no matter what spin the media puts on us and no matter how the social media Goliaths attempt to silence us, our idea is immortal and uncontainable. We do not agree on everything, however we agree on the things that matter and will stand together to protect those things. Life, liberty and the persuit of happiness. The right to free thought, expression and speech. The right to bear the tools needed to protect those we love. The right to not live in fear of our government. The right to be left alone in peace.


Closing Thoughts

I truly hope that our idea will spread, and the truths we stand for can break through the narrative forced upon us by the corrupt and self interested media. We live on a knives edge, between freedom and tyranny, and we all must do out part to keep ourselves on the right side of history.

Remember this message. Think deeply on what you find important in your life, and then think of it all being taken away because you were unwilling to stand together in it’s defense. Look at everything you know and love and think hard about what you will be willing to do to protect those things.

We are not your enemy. We are not your oppressors. We are not intolerant. We do not carry hate or bigotry in our hearts. We are you.

–Rhett E. Boogie