“The Boogaloo movement is based on fighting infringements against individual liberty. The desire to purge a group of people, based on race, lifestyle, or religion is the antithesis of this concept. Individuals who would deny rights to others are the targets of the movement. The individuals choice to respect the rights of others is what makes a man free from persecution.”

–Rhett E. Boogie


By nature, we are a peaceful people and just want to be left alone. We will never strike first, but we won’t back down from a fight. 

It’s our primary objective here at Boojahideen Outfitters to provide our customers with the best boogaloo gear to help you communicate what it means to be a Boojahideen. Be proud to spread the message that you stand for freedom for all. No. Matter. What.




Hoodies, Tanks, and Tees


Indoor/Outdoor High-Quality Vinyl


Fly the Colors at Your Big Hootenanny

Customer Testimonials

Daniel S.
Boojahideen Outfitters Tee

“Awesome material and fantastic job on the print! Absolutely love it.”

Chris L.
Luau Camo Tee

“Great shirt, great fit, and great material.

10/10 would protect liberty in it.”

Jake V.
Luau Tee

“If you’re looking for the way to complete your Boog kit, this is it.”

Lindsey W.
Boog Flag Fleece Blanket

“This shall keep me nice and warm while I eat my chickey tendies. Love it. Get one.”